5 reasons to list your property with Photoloco

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The Photoloco team is always on the hunt for rare and thought-provoking spaces for use in commercial photoshoots, corporate events and television commercials. We’re serious about beautiful, inspiring, unique and charming spaces – and if you’re reading this, we know you are too.

So, what do we do, exactly? Photoloco curates a database of locations for clients to use in creative and commercial works, like film, television and photoshoots. If you’ve watched TV in the past week or have an internet connection, there’s a good chance you’ve already checked out our work without realising.

Photoloco has a robust showcase of clients spanning many industries and producing content across different creative formats. We identify suitable locations for these clients, and from there take care of absolutely everything to facilitate a fabulous shoot (including admin/permits/cleaning – yep, everything).

If you’re looking to show off your aesthetic and put your property to work, we’re the team to make it happen – and it comes down to these five reasons.

1. We’re the experts

Photoloco was founded in 2008 and has since established an enviable reputation as Australia’s premier location scouting service. We pride ourselves on many years of combined experience, our market savvy and our commitment to service excellence.

We’re a hands-on team that offers a full range of shoot location services, from scouting properties, to wrangling admin, overseeing the shoot and ensuring your precious property is left in pristine condition.

2. We work with the best

The Photoloco team is scrupulous about who we work with and who gets access to your property. We’re a boutique company and our industry standing affords us to be judicious about who we engage with professionally, so you can feel confident knowing that only reliable, professional and reputable parties will ever set foot on your property.

We have comprehensive processes in place to ensure your home is secure, respected and meticulously cared for throughout the shoot and beyond – and we’re more than happy to talk through any qualms you may have in this regard. Simply contact the team to discuss.

3. We care about your property

We’re in the business of location scouting because we understand the intangible power that setting has in any story – and that includes yours.

We assess a prospective property for what it could offer Photoloco clients, but we understand that first and foremost, this property is your home – and we don’t accept anything less than pristine treatment of this space. This is reflected in the jobs we take on. We ensure low impact on your home; we won’t take on large film and television productions that involve large crews and impactful equipment.

4. We care about YOU

We care about property owners just as much as we care about our clients who use Photoloco locations, and we know it can be galling to leave your special space in the hands of others.

We have a deep respect for the generosity and vulnerability that can accompany offering up your space as a shoot location (especially for first-timers!) and we’re here to allay any misgivings and guide you through the process from start to finish.

Rest assured, we don’t take this responsibility lightly. The Photoloco team does everything in our power to ensure the experience of renting out your property is as fulfilling and enjoyable for you as it is for every other party.

5. It’s easy and free to join

You won’t encounter a single fee from Photoloco at any point in the process. On the contrary, the location fee (that our clients pay to use the space) is 100% yours to take home!

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Is your property the right fit for Photoloco?

If you’re imagining a Bachelor franchise-style mansion is a prerequisite for listing your property with Photoloco, think again! Browse our current listings for a taste of just how eclectic our offering is.

You’d be amazed by the demand for diverse residences of all shapes, styles, sizes and ages. No matter what your place brings to the table, chances are it’s the dream fit for a creative brief that’s being composed right now.

List your place!

Ready to give your home the limelight it deserves? Contact us today to chat to the team about how Photoloco can work for you.

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